I love every thing VIC as to say why? he …

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i love every thing VIC as to say why? he as been there and done it.if he told me (Sean bro ) do this. not only do i go over it about 4 time or the videos about 6 times.i look for ways out, if i do this what will happen try this mm nope don’t work you get me. then VIC boom do this bro you see he is always there. love you bro rock on.

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Make $200 Per Day
cool stuff vic. love the way you do your stuff. always have done. keep on rocking bro.

Make $200 Per Day
Vic you always give it how it is that is why i hang round and have done for some time. love all the stuff we get in the vip rooms. not that i have the time to work on them, but i do play around in there some times and look over the videos. being part of the meal pack is the best thing i have done. love you bro keep on rocking