Product Launches

Product Launches

are the easiest and quickest ways to make money online, if you have a new product that you are ready to offer to the public.

Okay, pay attention. Not only will you learn a ton in this chapter, but some of you will apply the information and go make you a little change. Ready?

Let’s dive in!

Christmas. It is November and Christmas is around 7 weeks away, right?

You start to see all of the wonderful decorations downtown and your TV commercials are filled with the many elf’s and reindeer getting you all pumped up for the magical day that will soon arrive, December 25th, ____.


Christmas morning, where you get to exchange Christmas gifts and watch your kids eyes light up from the vast amount of presents you bought them this year.

You look over to see your spouse also with a wonder of enjoyment on his/her face wondering if you got them that special gift they have been hinting towards 7 weeks prior.

7 weeks prior?

Yes, it all started way before the actual event ( or product launch ).

The build up, the suspense, the wonderment, the joy of it all to come and you even KNOW that EXACT day that it will all happen.

Well, guess what?

Us online marketers do have a technique that is very similar to the exact process of the celebration of Christmas.

Some call it Product Launches, I call it mini product offers and you will know why soon in the coming pages ahead of you.


Simply put as not to drag out the exact step by step instructions, what we do is start talking to our lists ( see previous chapter if you don’t have your hungry crowd built yet ) about something magical in the air and how it will benefit them in so many ways.

Let’s actually use an Example of one of my many products.

I have a Software that I developed called the Guru List Buster. You can DOWNLOAD a free Demo Version copy here and follow along as we discuss the benefits of it.

I first notify my list by email that I have created a New piece of Software and this is what it does and here is how it can be of benefit to you. Right?

Preferably in video format is how I would like to do all of this as this I have found to be the most educational format online to get your point across or if you are not good on video, then simply write your benefits etc… Right?

Okay, here is how I do it. At the end of the video of explaining to them in detail on just how simple the Software is to use and what benefit it will have for them, I tell them that I have more videos I would like to share with them and would like to go deeper in explaining the many other benefits that this unique product can have for them.

Now, at the end of the video I ask them to place their name and email into my opt-in form at the bottom of the video if they are interested in hearing more about my New product.

Now, why would I want to get them to put their name and email into another opt-in form, if I already have them on a list?

..because there is no sense in you shoving content down your list’s throat, if they don’t want to hear about it. That is the quickest way I know of to get them to opt out of your list is by trying to force content to them that they do not want.


Did you just learn something? In other words, do try to segregate your list as much as possible.. Not only will this get you more sales on launch day, but it keeps your entire community happy with you. Right?

You are learning so much. I am so proud of you. I do mean that. You have no idea how many marketers do not take this all that serious and will not go the extra mile at learning how us Pro’s do this.

We don’t do this just to be doing it. We actually make a living from it, so we have to do what works. We have to fix what breaks on our product launches.

Make sense? Good. Let’s continue.

Sorry. Wife just came in and said Supper was ready. mmm That was so good.

She cooked Bacon wrapped Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Garlic Knots and a Salad.. so now my energy level is up and feeling better as I finish showing you how to make a pretty good pay check next by Friday.

Oh! I didn’t tell you that this was an Action Chapter? Yes, I actually want you to implement what I teach in this chapter to see if what I am teaching you even is of benefit to you and your family. Okay?

Okay. So without going through all the instructions on how to grab a domain name unique to your product, upload a video to your website with the offer and making a download page with the actual software on it and how to go to your payment processor and grab a payment button and place on your buy now page, I do have all this already neatly tucked away inside of a training membership online.

You can access that membership at this time for only $21 here at this website–>

You will enjoy that.

Okay, so now that you have joined the many thousands that have come before you in the training and now you have your website up and ready, let’s send the email to our list.


Easy. Simply open up your email auto-responder and go to the email blast section and let’s start our first email.

Subject lines are important as well, but if you have followed along already in my membership trainings on how to build your list and how to take care of them, then you don’t have to worry as much about your list opening your email, right?

They already like and trust you and want to hear from you, right?

This is part of my training in your VIP Membership as I walk you along on how to take care of your list. If you got that part right, then they not only LOOK for your emails daily, they will let out a little YES! when they see your name in their emails that day.

Okay, so they’ve opened your email and now what are we going to say?

( Reminder: We are still on our Guru List Buster mini product launch. )

Our first email will go as such:
Hi {name}, getting enough qualified targeted traffic to our offers is a great accomplishment as a marketer.

The day I was able to automate this process and get as many targeted leads to my product was the day I was able to personally jump on a Space Rocket from Virgin Galactic and LEAVE

Well, not actually but it sure was exciting to finally grab a ton of free traffic with my NEW unique Software that I am going to give you right now.

I have a demo version that I want you download right now. The demo version works the same as the $21 Pro Version, but you will have to write the leads down instead of being able to hit the save button and saving them on your community, thus saving you a ton of time.

Here is a video and your free demo version download. Click on link below:


Okay, next we also ask them if they would like to receive a ton of tips and tricks with the software and if so, then they could opt in to the form that we send them.

This is the start of our mini product offer or the beginning of many product launches. Are you following along and actually going to put all this to the test and to see if you really could make some extra money?

Check this out. My Guru List Buster sells very well and I actually allow you to resell it as long as you are in my VIP Membership.

Here is the link once again, if you would like to make some extra money by next Friday on your very first mini product offer.

This software did 1/4 Million Dollars it’s first year in sales. Amazing? Did I get lucky? Heck no. It is just simple proof that what I teach works. I know you see a lot of people teach online marketing, but most of them only teach theory or in other words they just teach what they think might work or at least it sounds good.

No, I actually am one of the few marketers online that you will find implementing my stuff as well as teaching it. Makes no sense to teach you something that may not work does it? Silly stuff going on online.

Okay, so let’s say you have followed along in my NEW List Building program and you have around 500 subscribers on your list and now you want to give this a try.

What about you guys or gals that don’t have a list yet? Well, jump on my NEW List Building program ASAP..

Here is the link to that–>

..and once you have a decent size list, then try these product launches on that list or maybe you would like to offer one of my other products that I have in our VIP Membership to that list. Take your pick of any of my products and/or software’s.


Most importantly YOU HAVE TO GET STARTED guys.. You have to. The best advice I ever got years back was ” You don’t have to get it right Vic, you just have to get it started. ”

Get started NOW for your family and I pray that you will see it through, unlike so many others when the obstacles come a knocking and make no mistake about it..

They will come a

In fact, let’s cover that in the NEXT chapter. How I used faith to conquer the many obstacles that were thrown my way on my way to the top.

Most think we live in a logical world, but no mistake about it.. We live in a Spiritual world and the sooner you can align yourself with that fact, the sooner you will start getting a ton of this craziness of online marketing right.

I enjoyed writing and teaching you about my Product Launches technique and if you learned anything, please Leave a Comment below. Thanks.

Vic Hutchinson

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  1. Make $200 Per Day is a pretty cool Blog and I did learn something and I was the first to comment. Do I get a cookie Vic? lol

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  2. You don’t have to get it right Vic, you just have to get it started…best advice will live for ever thanks for sharing Vic

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  3. So refreshing to hear the path laid out before you in layman’s terms – not all flowery and “rah rah rah” and – frankly – unattainable. You make it seem second nature! Thanks again, Vic

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  4. HERMAN says:

    Vic, this is a great blog. i used to struggle in putting the right words for my ads. Not any more. I just have to get started and do it! Thanks a million and thank you for sharing your secrets. God Bless!!!

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  5. JD says:

    What I learned in this blog post is this: the GURU’s try to make this hard and complicated so they can sell you something to fix the confusion they created!

    You broke it down in a clear, simple and believable way. Product Launches don’t have to be overly complicated. Use list segregation to your advantage.

    Thanks Vic once again Vic. Your teaching is helping us learn the truth about what works and what does not!

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  6. Paul says:

    Very interesting to say the least. I didn’t know that “online marketers do have a technique that is very similar to the exact process of the celebration of Christmas.” Also having them opt-in again if they want more info.(not shoving down throat)This way the list will be segregated by those who are “more” interested which should get a better result when email blast sent about new product(s). Its sinking in!

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  7. Horizon says:

    Once again you have put good value and teachings in another one of your blogs. Mini products sounds better too haha. I can’t wait to see what you talk about next.

    Thanks Vic

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  8. ralf dooley says:

    Interesting post about Product Launches. This type of marketing is out there for a long time. Unfotunately there are many marketers who going for a quick money launch and repeat the prozess with out any value at all. Vic is someone who actually creates products for marketers that want success and his stuff actually works. Love the post about product launches a lot.

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  9. Davalon says:

    “You Don’t Have To Get It Right-Just Get It Started” should definitely be on a T-Shirt…You can’t ignore the TRUTH, very informative blog!!!

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  10. sean says:

    i love every thing VIC as to say why? he as been there and done it.if he told me (Sean bro ) do this. not only do i go over it about 4 time or the videos about 6 times.i look for ways out, if i do this what will happen try this mm nope don’t work you get me. then VIC boom do this bro you see he is always there. love you bro rock on.

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  11. Sam says:

    Excellent post from a true pro!

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  12. Bryan Walker says:

    Another great learning session, Vic!

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  13. leroy malone says:

    Another great learning experience. Keep them coming…

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  14. Tim says:

    Vic..once again thank’s for the valuable lesson. Keep them coming.

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  15. Brandon Davis says:

    List Segregation…..awesome….I swear to God that in the last couple of weeks I’ve been hit by “marketers” and their emails trying to pitch and sell me on shit I don’t even have an interest in and din’t get on their list for..Crazy! Love it Vic.

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  16. Dawn says:

    another awesome great valuable post from Rock Star Vic!!!

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  17. Joe Enderle says:

    Sage wisdom from one who’s already done it (Vic). Time to stop analyzing why something won’t work and just put yourself out there. If it don’t work – fix it !! If it do work – awesome !! You don’t know until you try.. Don’t worry, God has got your back. Vic is making sure of it !!

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  18. Bernard says:

    I learn something new everyday!

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  19. Mary says:

    Hey WOW!..This is Great! Love the way you are doing this. I have learned a lot by being in your training. Thanks!

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  20. bud says:

    One of the best lessons that I’ve learned with watching Vic over the years is that he is always there to teach what has made him the man that he is,Thank God for Vic,Today and very sorry I didn’t pick all that up in 2008 so now I have to work hard to get to where I should be with him Love You! Brother Bud

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  21. DK Voth says:

    I like that you actually do what you teach. Many people just teach. As far as product launches goes, certainly had my share of watching a few people at the top do well at product launches at EN. It was quite captivating however the veneer of glitz hid the truth. This is a much better path….

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  22. Julia Quinlan says:

    This is such an awesome post Vic!!!….we are learning so many techniques from you that do work….no fluff, no hype, nothing but sincere honesty….something that some of those other so-called gurus should try. Thank you Vic for everything you do for us and for your honesty.

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  23. ken says:

    Keep up the great work Vic! Thanks for all the great information!
    All the Best. BRO!

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  24. Mary Beh Caffey says:

    I have an aversion to the word “launch.” The idea of mini product offers would be a much more effective way to reach me, and I am guessing I am not alone. Great idea, Vic!

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  25. Niko A says:

    That little first step to notify the list by email that there is a new product and this is what it does and here is how it can be of benefit to you is $$$$. Thanks Vic

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  26. Will says:

    I went away before man because I was confused with everything. I see that you’re very determined to help us all make $100,000 at least a year. I like how you’ve laid things out for us so that we too can become a “guru”. Thanks Bro. Continue with the great content & Training Room opportunity to learn from you and the rest of crew of people who believe in Jesus Christ and themselves. “MasterMind GrouP” Awesome!

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  27. Kim Lerch says:

    Now I understand more about what product launches are and how they are used. Thanks for the lesson on marketing once again and making it easy to master.

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  28. Charmen says:

    It sounds doable, makes sense, worth trying. Good lesson from Vic.

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