There is not any one man or women who has …

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There is not any one man or women who has the same likeness in the relationship they have with God.The song in the video takes on different meaning if you hear the song but have not every seen the video,This happened to me 3 weeks back,I had heard the song many times but never seen the video.I struggle with serious clatter as you call it,I have pivotal moments daily sometimes,try that out,The struggle with all that maybe,to not see the other side of heaven is real in my head,I can cry,I can get angry,and i can love,Who would you be if you were never a Marine.Can a mans actions create that pivotal moment that is lasting.You have many gifts Vic Hutchinson and have been Blessed,There are many among us who desire to grasp only a small piece of what you do.Now let’s feed those kids darn it.I wish I could change the world.

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Controlling My Mind
Man and his Brain- Pain and the Brain- Yes I to have been there,I will not bore you with my story,But Vic’s Control My Mind is very real.Creating a mind set,Breathing,going to the spot that hurts,visualize this in your mind- close yours eye’s and relax,you can reduce pain or remove it.Great story Vic Mind control is very possible.I live in pain every day and I was taught how to go there and rid of it,without drugs.Thumbs up Brother…..