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Make $200 Per Day Video. I will put a video down in this post in a bit, but now travel along with me.

We are heading to the Tallahassee Airport. We have to go pick up a fellow marketer and then we are heading down to Keaton Beach Florida where the sun bakes down on your back and the ocean is bluer than you have ever seen.

The fish love the 3 inch Gulp Shrimp you bait your line with. You simply cast it out from the bow of your salt water boat and watch as your bait travels through the air and eventually drops down into that blue water.

You hear the sound of the splash and you start to reel that artificial shrimp back to you. Every now and then you give your pole a tug as to pull your bait back up toward the surface and then drop back down again as to give those spotted sea trout a sense of the real thing on your line.

You know they are watching as you smile with the ocean breeze hitting your face. You know any minute.. BAM! It’s on! ( To be Continued )

So, we pick our fellow online marketer up from the airport and he says, Where to?

I say YOU are going with me to buy a H2 Hummer, but first we got to stop by Wells Fargo and grab some cash or cashiers check will do just fine.

I previously on the way to the airport just happened to look over to the left and there she was in all her glory.. The pic below is 5 years later with redneck tires and rims on it with salt water boat attached as I was fishing again last week down at Keaton Beach.

h2 hummer fishing

Oh, forgot to tell you I started learning a while back with a make $200 per day video and now I am officially retired.

Yes, I did it back in 2006 thanks to God teaching me for 8 years on what to do and not to do. It wasn’t pretty and it was far from being and overnight success.

You can join my current Platinum Mastermind Group Warriors membership if you like where I teach you how to retire young as well if that is what you seek.

You can’t be no rookie now. It is definitely for beginners and advanced marketers, but do not even think about bringing any of that whining and poor me stuff over to our world.

We will put a fresh picked switch on your hiney if you do. lol

Most try and start off by saying they want to make a lot of money. You won’t get away with that in the real online marketing world, so let’s get it right shall we starting now..

Take a sheet of paper out and write down exactly how much money you would like to go for every year. Do it…NOW.

If you don’t take action then nothing will ever happen. I had to take action to get this make $200 per day video on this blog.

Once you have your goal written down and it now is very specific. The next part is easy. Go over to Google and type in make $200 per day and see what comes up.

You will see a vast amount of websites on that topic. I suggest you either pick out one that makes sense to you or you can take a shortcut in all this and go join us here

I have over 100 Trainings and counting on getting you kick started on this new life you are seeking.

Get this straight right now though, there is no such thing as overnight riches. You will have to put in the time, but read this closely.

If you can buckle down with a real mentor and stick with him or her for a minimum 1 year, then you CAN possibly get to live the rest of your life on easy street, like my wife and I currently do.

We both wake up when we want and plan our day with anything we desire. We have the money to go buy the things that make us happy or we can also give to others to allow them the things that make them happy.

I do truly hope you one day get to experience the feeling of what it truly is like to know that you never have to worry over bills or money again.. EVER!

You must understand this though, no matter what all that innner chatter starts to say to you and make no mistake about that happening, you must try your best to stay the course.

Take me for instance, if you choose to join us in our membership for $25 today even I will be a major obstacle in your way.

Why? I was in the US Marines for 6 years and my style of training is pretty much in your face making you hear the things that you are not used to hearing and you will NOT like it one bit. I promise you that, but if you can make it through my bootcamp style of training, then you can make it out here in the real world of marketing.

This world will have no mercy on you. You will go at this alone, although we are LIVE every night at 8pm EST to help and guide you if needed. This is what our mastermind is all about. Helping each other with our current goals.

You will have to change if you are to watch our make $200 per day video and go on to become part of the 5%.

Most of you will not make it. I tell you the truth on that one. Most of you will not and do not currently have what it takes to see something through.

You will justify to yourself why you are not a quitter and be smart enough to feel good about..well YOU QUITTING my training.

My training is the real deal and guess what? The real deal is not exciting at all. There is nothing exciting about building websites and products and getting it out to market to only see a 1% success with any and everything you do online.

But if you can handle that to be true then you will be the 3% of my clients that go on to retire themselves and get to live an excellent life for you and your family for the rest of your days. Good for you few that make it.

For the rest of you, here is another cold harsh reality. Not one single person on this earth will care when you quit. Nobody is coming to your emotional or financial rescue. No one. It will be you and only you to decide to stick with something no matter how hard it gets.

It will be you to finally be part of a real membership that will make you successful, but only if you implement every step I show you.

If that is you, then welcome to my life. See you in the trainings.

It has been great writing this post about how to make $200 per video.

Leave a comment please if you received any value from this and tell me how you are going to go on and make a success of you and your family. 🙂

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