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Make $200 Now is a pretty awesome topic for this blog post and I am going to share with you how you can do this now.

Most online marketers still to this day will not invest in their online knowledge of how to do very well with online marketing.

Yes, I know they will jump on the latest hype of the month, because the graphics are amazing and the price may be very small so their risk of buying another get rich quick hype balogna product isn’t so much of a risk.

Well, think again on that. Now, the new amazing techniques that these here today, but will definitely be gone tomorrow marketers are using is to lure you in at a small buy in price say around $7, but then after payment they hit you with the upsell.

They go on to really put the sales pitch on you saying things like if you are a serious online marketer you will buy this and they only have so many digital copies left and it all goes away for the rest of your life at midnight. lol

This online marketing stuff on how to make money online is sorda getting out of hand don’t you think… or is it?

Well, let’s think about it for a second and right now I am sitting right here on this sand thinking about it and actually writing to you from Panama City Beach, Florida.


See, there was a time in my life where I had no clue on how to make $200 now and by now you can probably start to understand the keyword I am trying to rank for in this post, but actually I am not trying to rank for that particular kw..

This is a LSI keyword to my main keyword of Make $200 Per Day blog.

So get to it Vic Hutchinson. lol How exactly am I going to make $200 now?

Did you know that there are super cpa offers that will pay you a super commission on their offers if you can bring them interested customers?

Well, there is such an offer right now that I found that literally will pay you $200 if you get a customer to sign up to their program for $10.

Yes, you read that right. Almost like swapping a ten dollar bill for a 200 dollar bill. Amazing right?

Well, not really. Us online digital marketers that have been doing this for years and have made a home and a living right from any laptop USA and/or beach have been doing this regularly for a while as if it kind of lost all it’s excitement from once it started.

Now, that is only me saying that. I bet you probably wished you were living this life by now. Is that safe to say?

You can you know, but you have to pick the right online mentor to teach you and hang on tight. No, tighter than that.

I do have a course right now that gives you everything you need to make $200 now. Click this link–>

Now, this is NOT the regular get rich quick hype crap. I don’t do that. This is a real method that does work, but you WILL have to do something as well.

The videos explains all the details if interested on the page listed above.

I actually think the program I put together for you is pretty awesome. Now, although I didn’t really hype it up like most marketers do doesn’t mean you should take it all that lightly.

I had one student make $1200 from that method in the first 5 minutes, so it does work. More testimonials, but don’t want to bore you.

How about you come and be my next testimonial? I would love that.

Quick story on how I made my first $200 online.

I tried to sell magic tricks online years ago. No one was buying my products. I didn’t understand why. All the gurus told me all I had to do was put up a website and send some traffic to it and I would be rich and I only had to pay them $200 to find out how to do that. lol

I was sending a lot of traffic to that site through my SEO optimized page. I was ranking for Make $200 Per Day back then and still do to this very day. Not on Google though. I did rank on Google years ago, but now I only do on Yahoo search engine and Bing.

I am ranking on page 3 as of now for that keyword on Google and should move up to page 1 soon.

It takes longer now to seo your stuff than it used to. Why?

Well, everybody and their brother now is out here messing it up for everyone not really knowing whay they are doing.

I do show you how I do my seo in my Platinum Membership though. This is by far the greatest online membership for markers and you are going to poop your pants when you see the price.

I already made my money years ago and God allowed my family and I to quit work forever back in 2006 all under the age of 40.

I tell you that to let you know that what you are trying to do is possible, but you are going to have to get a few things right.

1. Stop buying every NEW shiny object that comes along.

2. Choose a mentor and stick with him/her forever, if they are truly where you are trying to get. Don’t get fooled by some of these gurus though. Most of them only teach theory, meaning they don’t actually do what they teach so they have no idea if what they teach works or not.

3. I do everything I teach and go before you to make sure we have winners, so you are in good hands if you choose me, Vic Hutchinon to be your mentor.

4. Do not be a rookie and let that inner chatter kill your success. It will do it, if you let it.

5. Pray. Jesus said when you pray, believe you have those things you pray for and he will give them to you. The trick is to practice getting rid of the doubt. ( I have got really good at this, but only through pratice. )

6. Relax and smile knowing that you will make $200 now.

Please Leave a Comment on your thoughts. Are you going to implement what you were taught today, or are you going to sit this one out waiting on something a little bit shinier to come along?

Good luck and God speed to either of your choices on trying to make $200 now.

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  1. Karen says:

    Vic, you are so right. Every new shiny program is such a temptation–no wonder most of us trying to build a business online end up failing. The ability to pick something and stick with it alludes most. If we would just learn some stick-to-itness, we’d progress in many areas of our lives. BRAVO!

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  2. Rick says:

    Guru List Buster is some Awesome software!

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  3. Davalon says:

    That’s true Vic…stick with one and eventually you’ll get that Ah-Ha moment…(

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  4. Ken says:

    Been there done that with the “Hype of the Month Club”‘, until 4 years ago when I found this guy named Vic Hutchinson! I Make $200 per day and more. The Platinum Mastermind Group Vic has put together is a great training platform that I wish had been put into place back when I started with Vic!
    Thanks Vic Hutchinson!


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  5. HERMAN says:

    This blog is awesome. You hit the nail on the head in uncovering the scams some marketers play in their upsell. I hate OTO or should I say many offers. Vic Hutchinson is the deal and a true mentor. Thank you, Vic, for uncovering the plot many so-called marketers use. Folks, choose Vic Hutchinson over other Gurus.

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  6. Julia says:

    Very well said Vic!!!…great post!!!!

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  7. Finally, finally, finally I have stopped chasing every other way to make money online. Now I don’t even care if those others work or not. Vic is shooting straight with us and is a very thorough teacher. You will not find any more detailed videos and sincere training than you will find with Vic. Stop wasting time and money and get started….and feed the kids! They’re counting on us!

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  8. Horizon says:

    He is the best mentor out there. He tells you how it is while giving great value as well.

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  9. JD says:

    I like #4 and #5!

    I can’t let that Inner Chatter send me South. And that’s why I need prayer. All of this is spiritual. So my best bet is to pray and let God handle that negative stuff and I just get to work.

    Thanks for the direction Vic. You are the RIGHT mentor!

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  10. Dawn says:

    Great read!! & so much great advice there to follow…I loved the 6 steps to follow at the end there 🙂 thanks Vic

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  11. Sharron Nixon says:

    There ya go, blowing it straight out of the water again, Vic… and in case there’s any misinterpretation from one culture to another…. that’s a compliment! 😀

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  12. Jayson says:

    Learn from a pro- make money like a pro. Go Warriors!

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  13. Patricia Moffatt says:

    I learn so much from you. You really do care about your members making money. More than anyone I ever been with. I am trying to learn your ways. About changing my mind set and get rid of the inner chatter. You talk like my Pastor she teaches the same thing in a different way. This is my pray for me and anyone that needs the same pray. Lord help me and anyone who needs to get rid of the inner chatter to go now in your name.

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  14. Thanks everybody. Dang Patricia Moffatt. I like the way you pray. 🙂

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  15. DK says:

    I agree on latest shiny ball syndrome and the $7 offer. It’s going rather overboard at the moment. Thanks for the value you provide in the Platinum Mastermind Group, Vic. For $25? That’s crazy good!

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  16. ralf dooley says:

    Making 200 a day is a good start for people who want to make money online. Sticking with your guns and see something through is the most important road to success.

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  17. Thank you Vic for everything you do for us! You are amazing! This is the first time in all my searching online that I have found the truth.

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  18. Christian Poirier says:

    Great post Vic and I appreciate you!

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  19. Andre says:

    Vic, your one in a million!

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  20. Mary says:

    I love the way you teach us. You always come through with what we need. That’s why I have stayed so long. I learned a lot along the way and am still learning. Keep’em coming!

    God Bless.

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  21. Wayne121uk says:

    Don’t do it… Yes you get sucked into that $5 new thingy it’s a way to bleed you dry!!! Get a Mentor who has done it, Worn the T Shirt and knows their stuff, stick to them like glue and follow all instructions to the letter….

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  22. Kimberly Lerch says:

    People who hop from one thing to another, or take a little of what this one is teaching (and not doing themselves) and a little of what that one is teaching (and not doing themselves) makes me think of someone trying to juggle too many balls. Find one mentor who does what he/she teaches (I recommend Vic)and do what he does. It works!

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