Make $200 A Day

Make $200 A Day is the perfect goal to go for when starting online. Most shoot straight for the million, but it doesn’t take long before they start to realize that that is easier said than done. lol

I was 16 years of age and old enough now for the work program at our high school. I first just wanted an excuse to be able to leave school early, but then I did think how that $200 per week could come in handy.

So, my first job was at a killer pant factory called Kaminsky’s and I was the youngest guy in that whole factory working there.


There was lots of older ladies and a few men maybe in their late 40’s, but I did make the place a little livelier.

I loved to have a good time and laugh and joke and that I did and it always put a smile on the older ladies faces.

It also made me feel good that I knew others were feeling good from the little things that I would do.

Now, I never thought that someday I could possibly make $200 a day, but boy would I be in for the surprise of my life one day and to not only accomplish that feat, but to actually go on and retire myself under such a young age of 40. Wow!

It even seems unreal as I type this right now here lying in my soft comfortable bed with a goose down quilt. So soft and cozy to sleep with.

I also love this ceiling fan above me that twirls round and round every night above my head as I drift off to other worlds in a dream state.

Do you dream? Have you ever dreamed of possibly one day that you could go on and make $200 a day as well?

Well, you are in for a pleasant surprise as well.

Know why? Well, I do have this killer membership over here at this link called Platinum Mastermind Group Warriors membership.

You can come for a low price and learn as much as you want on how to go on and do well for you and your family with online marketing.

You know it really isn’t that hard to do, but you have to eventually pick a mentor you can trust and most importantly hopefully one that is already gone through what you are about to go through.

Make no mistake, there will be trials and tribulations along this lonely path of trying to figure out how to market online, but with the right guidance you can achieve it.

You can learn lots more on my other blog post over here at Make $200 Per Day.

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