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Below is another cool story in my life that I had forgot about.

I don’t expect everyone of you to want this and some of you may not even believe this story, but I was making my bed up this morning as I sometimes do, instead of my wife and found something I forgot was under there.

It is a picture.

I can’t remember how many years ago it was that I placed this picture under my mattress, but supposedly power literally goes from this picture up toward the Heavens.

Now, you are supposed to place it where your head is directly under your mattress.

I was broke at this time and was simply trying EVERY thing to figure out this how to get rich thing.

Nothing was working for me at the time, so I came across this online years ago and supposedly this guy had died and then came back to life.

While he was in the afterlife he was being taught some formula that supposedly had these superman/woman like qualities and he sold them online to anyone that wanted these type powers for your mind.

What do you think I did? Well, I could not afford to pay for it. It was extremely expensive.

So, instead I copied the image from the webpage and went to Eckerd Drugs at the time where you could get reprints made etc..

It was supposed to be glossy print.

How to earn 200 per day was a goal of mine and I would try anything at that time in my life to make it work for me.

Now, call this a placebo effect if you will, but what I am about to tell you is that it WORKED.

I started seeing a little success in my online work and then I put my first $100,000 in savings and it just kept going.

Now, I don’t honestly know if the image had anything to do with it as I do believe in God and was praying all the time for him to show me how to be rich..

…BUT I can tell you that after I did place it under my mattress was the time that I started to do very well online.

To me it sounds kooky and weird and like a lot of BS, but I cannot deny the FACT that everything started working for me financially and has NEVER stopped to this day.

I honestly do not believe it was placebo, because I was believing for years that I was gonna be rich. I even had it on my ceiling above me a poster board saying that I had $100,000 in my bank account so I could see it before I went to bed and when I woke up and nothing ever did it for me, until the day that I did place this under my mattress.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. I actually forgot that it was under there until this morning I felt it and went DANG! lol

I remember telling my wife about it when I first placed it there. She said whatever baby, you tried everything else..lol

Was this something God placed in my life to help my prayers. I don’t know, but I do know that that was the day everything started turning around for me and I started to Make $200 Per Day.

Useless story I know, but thought I would share it just in case you ever come across something like this in your life and wonder if you should try it or not.

Sounds like a load of BS, but so did the light bulb at one time.. lol

Have a great Sunday.

I are getting ready to go eat at a VERY VERY nice place today with my family.

Here lately I have been eating a lot at the Chinese Buffet. That sweet and sour chicken is so dang good isn’t it? mmmm

Love you guys and thank you for being a Platinum Member. Some of you have been emailing me telling me that you have been getting your million dollar aha’s from some of the things I send you every week. Good for you few.

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PS. If you are interested in wanting a copy of that image, your investment would be $1,000. I will email you the image and simply go to Walmart or somewhere and have it printed out on glossy paper and just place it under your mattress directly under your head and also do me a favor and email me all the weird, but life changing moments that will start to happen to you after doing this.

Obviously I can’t guarantee anything for you by purchasing this image, but I know it worked for me and literally thousands of testimonials on that guys website back then. He no longer sells them on his website, because obviously it sounds like a bunch of BS and he was made to take his site down, so I honestly don’t know what happened to that guy, but if I ever do find him again I will give him a testimonial for what it did for me.

I am retired now. I did it back in 2006 under the age of 40. Please do not post negative comments telling me how stupid this all sounds. I already know it sounds stupid and illogical. I am only telling you my story about this image and this special weird formula written on it and if you want to purchase it go to my Contact page and send me an email and I will give you a special link for you to purchase it and then will email you the image. Just save it on to a flash drive and carry it to one of those kiosks at Walmart or wherever and print it out. I hope this helps some of you. Once again, I cannot guarantee it will for you, but it did for me and thousands of others that were on his website many years ago.

I did watch some of his videos and the guy obviously had knowledge that was from another world. The things he spoke about was so amazing to me and that is the reason I tried it.

Please don’t think that I am weird. I am simply just telling you my story about it. I mean some people tell stories of Ghosts and even though I don’t believe in Ghosts doesn’t mean they were not real for them. I do know this. It would only take one time for me and THEN I would be a believer, right? lol ( I hope that doesn’t happen though. lol )

I also needed some more juice for my main keyword of Make $200 Per Day and that is why I am putting this silly keyword into this post of earn 200 per day.

Go to my Contact Page if you are interested. The investment is $1000 and I will give you a special paypal link.

PSS. This really is no prank or joke. I really do still to this day have that image under my mattress. I have often wondered if my life would turn around if I ever threw it away. I do NOT worship it anyway. I just look at it as a tool that helps me somehow. Some of you will definitely say that I am out of my mind.. NOPE! I’m just out of yours. lol

When I do get to Heaven though, I am going to ask if that image really had anything to do with why I was able to quit work forever and go live like a King and vacation for the rest of my life, while every one else had to go clock in and clock out daily.


I LOVE MY HUMMER – Earn 200 Per Day


PSS. How you can make your money back really quick from this investment into yourself? Go and sell it too if you want. You can NOT use my name. I don’t mind you telling my story, but YOU CANNOT USE my name in the story. This obviously sounds like a con-artist story sell bullcrap, so you CAN NOT use my name if you do.

I only have sold this once for $2000 to someone a few years back. This was a personal client of mine that wanted to know everything about me, even what I ate daily, so he did buy this from me for $2,000.

He has since went on to write a book and become a pretty good author in the psychological niche and YES, he still has the image under his mattress as well to this day. lol I just talked to him about that last year sometime on Skype. He is a great guy and his book that he wrote? wow.. I may promote his book soon.

7 comments on “Earn 200 Per Day
  1. This is another really interesting story from you, Vic. I can’t say it isn’t true, because you said it’s been true for you. That’s all that matters. Think I’ll pass on your offer, though, and just stay focused on your other training.:)

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  2. terry hadley says:

    Do believe in those powers…..I especially liked your wife’s reaction !!! Sounds very familiar. Have a great meal. Terry

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  3. Bud says:

    Great story Vic sounds like another way of attracting what you want but in the subconscious mind knowing that you have it placed under your head to help create what you wanting to achieve in your life.

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  4. Yes, it does sound rather weird, but I think we’ve come to expect the unexpected from you Vic, and your enigmatic persona is such that I don’t think the thought of doubting your story would ever cross my mind. It’s like a spell you weave……….

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  5. Wayne121uk says:

    Wow the formula is so simple “Belief=Faith=Success”
    or what is the difference between idiot and genius?



    SUCCESS yip people will take the Pi$$ all day long on your route to success, hey just grin and bere it…..

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  6. Ralf Dooley says:

    I believe there are some unexplained powers out there. Sometimes it also works if you believe enough in yourself.

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  7. Patricia Moffatt says:

    Very interesting Story but not able to purchase at this time.

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