Vic Hutchinson… that was AWESOME! Last year I realized …

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Vic Hutchinson… that was AWESOME!

Last year I realized how much I needed to CONTROL MY MIND or it would control me! I started reading about a technique a mentor of mine discusses: bringing in NO-MIND. “No mind” is a state of not thinking about ANYTHING. It’s really hard to do. Try it. Close you eyes and think of nothing… (most people cannot even hold a thought of “nothing” for even a few seconds.)

Learning this technique has really helped me with Controlling My Mind. I am deathly afraid of having my blood drawn, and the last time I had to have it done, I gained control of my mind and brought in a state of “No Mind”. Unbelievably, I did not even feel the nurse stick my arm and draw the blood. It was like it didn’t even happen. And, no bruising either!

I am so curious to try your suggestion, as I so definitely believe in the mind/body connection, and I truly believe that love that conquers all.

Bravo my friend! I love you. Thanks for what you are doing for all of us, and for the kids.

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Vic, you are so right. Every new shiny program is such a temptation–no wonder most of us trying to build a business online end up failing. The ability to pick something and stick with it alludes most. If we would just learn some stick-to-itness, we’d progress in many areas of our lives. BRAVO!