Controlling My Mind

Controlling My Mind

The pain is not there. The pain is not there. In the name of Jesus, I command the pain to STOP right now.

My God when will this go away? owwwwwww! owwwwww!

The pain in my stomach was so intense that I wanted to regurgitate so bad, but couldn’t. I had no idea what I ate that day or the night before, but if I could find out what was causing and controlling this pain I would never eat it again.


6 hours into it and the agony was still there and no matter how bad I tried it still was controlling my mind and I eventually broke after 12 hours and told my wife I was going to admit myself into the emergency room a little after midnight.

So, here I go. Jumped in the Hummer and off into the midnight I went with a stomach ache times 99 and I mean big time. Still could not throw up. Nope!

Wait a minute. Here it comes. Slamming on the brakes and throwing the truck into Park and hopping out on the road in front of oncoming traffic.

The first horn and now the second horn blowing at me as I rushed over into the ditch off the highway and finally emptying my stomach completely and then some.

I just knew I was going to feel so much better after this and finally end that terror that I felt in my abdomen and how it was Controlling My Mind the whole way.

Not a chance. Are you kidding me? It still had not let up, so on towards the hospital I went to get there and have every seat taken in the house. This has to be a joke, right?

I begged the nurse to let me in front of the others and she did after she seen the mess that covered my shirt and how much it really had been controlling my mind this whole time.

After doing a thorough examination on me and drinking down a GI Cocktail and sill no relief, I begged the Doctor for some relief and he said he was going to administer some morphine.

At this time I see my wife coming through the door with this oh my God are you okay look on her face and asking me what was wrong.

I told her they couldn’t figure it out, but they had just administered some morphine and ohhhhhhh myyyyy Iiiiiiiii loveeeeeeee youuuuuuu…. ( the morphine just kicked in )

Man, I was in Heaven now. Pain? What pain? I didn’t feel a thing anymore.


One year later and here I am feeling it coming on again, this time I was in a more spiritual place than last time and I was going to start controlling my mind better this time.

I was lying there on the bed and started talking to the pain directly. I don’t know what was making me do this, but I just started doing it.

I told it that I knew you were going to be here for a while and I was okay with it being there. I told the pain that I didn’t know why it was there or if it was to teach me something, but I was okay with it being there and to stay as long as it liked.

Now, this wasn’t easy at first controlling my mind like I was doing, but I was doing it. It felt different.

Yes, it hurt still, but not as bad as it would have if I were not controlling my mind the way I was. Make sense?

I almost felt as if I had literally transformed this inanimate object called pain into something else that I could rationalize with.

Man, I hope that makes sense to you, because if it does then maybe you will start to understand possibly how I am controlling my mind.

It was as if it was confused by me acting that way as if it was disappointed that I was not doing the usual in agony and ohhhh and crying out in woh is me blah blah blah…

It was almost as if I caught it and it knew that I could make it go away. Does this sound as weird to you as it does to me writing this?

Well, it gets even weirder, especially what I said to it next.

For some reason I looked down at it at my stomach and said three little words to it ” I Love You. ” and just like that…

ZIP! It was gone!

Are you kidding me? lol

No, this is not made up. This is a true story on how I was controlling my mind that day and how I got that pain to go away by simply saying those three words to it.

Now, I am not saying that it will work for you, but I do know that it did work that way for me that day and I probably don’t have to tell you to try it, if you ever have something wrong with you as I’m sure you will if you actually can remember to from what you read in this blog post from me, Vic Hutchinson.

I really enjoyed writing this post for you and if you learned anything or would like to express your thoughts on just how weird this phenomenon was as it was to me, then please Leave a Comment below.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading how I was controlling my mind.

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  1. terry hadley says:

    Vic – what a great read……did some of that come from the training in the marines…..seems like the mind over matter theory…..seems like it does take some training of your own mindset….anyway, thanks for good food for thought and implementation. terry

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  2. Raphael says:

    It is evident that we all feel pain in spite of how
    macho we think we are.
    I read this article and I felt what you were
    going through. Strength and focus can bring
    change and my friend you made a mind controlling
    break through with your decision to become
    one with that pain.
    Keyword: Controlling My Mind.

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  3. Joe Enderle says:

    Great post on how our lives are not really rational. Most of us have tried the technique of controlling the minds of others instead of controlling my mind. It’s a crazy world out there in cyberspace. After looking at the internet from a third party perspective, I realize that mind control only pertains to me. Controlling my mind is all I can do. I can only influence others and therein lies the challenge !! I must offer up something of value and expect nothing in return, yet the return will come many times over. I must say that God has a great sense of humor !!

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  4. Douglas Hutchison says:

    Great story Vic. It goes to show how much our mind controls our feelings and emotions….and how we should all try to harness more of our mental capabilities. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  5. Mary says:

    Thanks for the post. I always learn something.

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  6. HERMAN says:

    The key is :Controlling the Mind. There are so many crazy thoughts that enter our minds and we do not filter our minds whereby in the end it is absorbed. That goes for pain too. We only experience what is in front of us and do not know that we have the power of God to rebuke the pain. A line I use is: }Lord Jesus, I refuse this temptation and I thank you for sending it to the foot of the Cross”.
    I find saying that prayer removes the pain after awhile.
    in the Marketing world the pain is the defeatist attitude we develop instead of Controlling the Mind.

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  7. JD says:

    Vic another wild story from your life, but REAL. Thanks for sharing. I think we all need to remember this Whole Thing is spiritual.

    Everything that is seen has its basis in that which is not seen.

    It seems our mind is where pain is experienced so that if you can control your mind you can control your pain. So we need to apply this focus to everything in life. We need to spend more time in controlling our minds by thinking, meditating, and affirming the reality we want in life.

    Thanks Vic – You nailed it again!

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  8. Paul says:

    Great read Vic, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading about stuff like this. Interesting choice of words “talking to it, talking to the pain, as if it was something real”. You obviously won that battle, with Love. Our mind is where all of our battles truly take place. The physical world is the manifestation of those battles. I believe the only “control” we have is Free Will. Free to choose which energy to work with which influences our actions. I also agree with Hermans comment.
    Ephesians 6:12, Psalm 46:1

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  9. Horizon says:

    One of the many mysteries of what the mind can do.
    Keyword: controlling my mind

    Thanks for another good post vic

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  10. ralf dooley says:

    Controlling your mind is a hard thing to do. I experienced a lot of that in my days as a pro table tennis player. It is a skill that can be learned.

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  11. Davalon says:

    I’m learning something on a regular basis from you man…CONTROL and CHANGE your mindset and way of thinking!!!…I’m starting to realize what my “why” and “purpose” is. A job and work is NOT the same, I have a JOB but this is my WORK…I can switch or lose a job but they can never take away my work…Great Lesson my friend

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  12. Dawn says:

    Very interesting story we sure do under estimate to power of our minds at times!! Will have to give this a go!!

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  13. Bryan Walker says:

    Another great message we can learn from, Vic!

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  14. Sam says:

    Mind control is not always a good thing. Hitler was very mind controlling lol.

    Are you mind controlling us sir?

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  15. Jayson says:

    Keywords control your mind, I love you and Vic Hutchinson. Good story. I had a similar experience and I can also say the morphine was good.

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  16. leroy malone says:

    Another great lesson, Vic. I think the two keywords you are
    ranking for is: mind control. I believe we are all a product
    of our thoughts and feelings. You stood up tall against the
    pain but yet by expressing love, you opened a door which allowed
    a reciprocation effect to occur. We all really are the product
    of our dominating thoughts, whether positive or negative!

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  17. Brandon Davis says:

    I’m really enjoying reading the different topics you are putting up on this blog. Looking forward to reading the next one!

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  18. Mary Beh Caffey says:

    That was a great story. I have a lot to improve in this area. Lots of financial ventures that have failed mess with my mind. This is an area that I really need to work on. Thanks for sharing this, Vic.

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  19. I’m not sure if I can control my pain with my mind. Tylenol and Ibuprofen work pretty good. I may have to try it sometime.

    But stress and emotions can be greatly controlled by the mind and so can whether you succeed or not. Success can only be achieved when the mind in fully on board.

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  20. Shirely May says:

    Vic,yes mind control will do wonders when used correctly. I have been there and done that. Yes, Morphine is a great pain killer, just don’t get hooked on it, LOL enjoyed the read.

    Shirley May

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  21. Sharon says:

    Controlling Your Mind – something we should take to heart and learn to do every day of our lives.

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  22. Vicki Brooks says:

    I think women experience this. Aahh moment during natural childbirth.It hurts so bad, your body is so tired, and your mind tells you, you are surely going to die.(something must be wrong,that no one will tell you about) Then comes that voice from within. Only I can do this. Only I can do


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  23. Tim says:

    Vic…Great post on Controlling My Mind.

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  24. Kurt Mitchell says:

    Man and his Brain- Pain and the Brain- Yes I to have been there,I will not bore you with my story,But Vic’s Control My Mind is very real.Creating a mind set,Breathing,going to the spot that hurts,visualize this in your mind- close yours eye’s and relax,you can reduce pain or remove it.Great story Vic Mind control is very possible.I live in pain every day and I was taught how to go there and rid of it,without drugs.Thumbs up Brother…..

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  25. Karen Sturkie says:

    Vic Hutchinson… that was AWESOME!

    Last year I realized how much I needed to CONTROL MY MIND or it would control me! I started reading about a technique a mentor of mine discusses: bringing in NO-MIND. “No mind” is a state of not thinking about ANYTHING. It’s really hard to do. Try it. Close you eyes and think of nothing… (most people cannot even hold a thought of “nothing” for even a few seconds.)

    Learning this technique has really helped me with Controlling My Mind. I am deathly afraid of having my blood drawn, and the last time I had to have it done, I gained control of my mind and brought in a state of “No Mind”. Unbelievably, I did not even feel the nurse stick my arm and draw the blood. It was like it didn’t even happen. And, no bruising either!

    I am so curious to try your suggestion, as I so definitely believe in the mind/body connection, and I truly believe that love that conquers all.

    Bravo my friend! I love you. Thanks for what you are doing for all of us, and for the kids.

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  26. juanita says:

    I had five children with what they called the Lamaze method.The last three were born at home delivered by a midwife and one by her Dad so you are very right about the mind can control your pain.The mind is the strongest thing that we work with and if we keep it on a positive plane it won’t let us down.

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  27. Patricia Moffatt says:

    Very good article on mind control. Never could understand completely how to do it. Your way makes a person understand it better.

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  28. Will says:

    Whatever the mind can believe it can achieve. I enjoyed the many comments I read. Lets Go MasterMind PeePs!Lol

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  29. Julia Quinlan says:

    Another fantastic read Vic!!!….I’m not sure I can control my mind as far as pain is concerned but I know I do have a very high pain tolerency….is it me telling my mind that it doesn’t really hurt??….food for thought

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  30. bobby diraag says:

    That was stone cold raw warrior stuff..awesome bro..
    My mentor rocks..booyah!!

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