Hey Vic, A lot of us are bombarded daily and led …

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Hey Vic,
A lot of us are bombarded daily and led to believe that we can make $200 per second without lifting a finger In reality, without a good coach(mentor) that’s already been there in this crazy internet marketing niche ( like Vic Hutchinson )the reality is that we won’t make $200 in a lifetime. A mastermind group is the way to go (Napolean Hill) gave us the idea to allow us to make $200 per day and you Vic are giving us the tools. Thank you !!

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Controlling My Mind
Great post on how our lives are not really rational. Most of us have tried the technique of controlling the minds of others instead of controlling my mind. It’s a crazy world out there in cyberspace. After looking at the internet from a third party perspective, I realize that mind control only pertains to me. Controlling my mind is all I can do. I can only influence others and therein lies the challenge !! I must offer up something of value and expect nothing in return, yet the return will come many times over. I must say that God has a great sense of humor !!

Product Launches
Sage wisdom from one who’s already done it (Vic). Time to stop analyzing why something won’t work and just put yourself out there. If it don’t work – fix it !! If it do work – awesome !! You don’t know until you try.. Don’t worry, God has got your back. Vic is making sure of it !!