Vic another killer blog post. Very funny but loaded with …

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Vic another killer blog post. Very funny but loaded with good SEO advice for those of us listening… Right!?!!?!

Thanks for helping us become Rock Stars!

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Make $200 Now
I like #4 and #5!

I can’t let that Inner Chatter send me South. And that’s why I need prayer. All of this is spiritual. So my best bet is to pray and let God handle that negative stuff and I just get to work.

Thanks for the direction Vic. You are the RIGHT mentor!

Controlling My Mind
Vic another wild story from your life, but REAL. Thanks for sharing. I think we all need to remember this Whole Thing is spiritual.

Everything that is seen has its basis in that which is not seen.

It seems our mind is where pain is experienced so that if you can control your mind you can control your pain. So we need to apply this focus to everything in life. We need to spend more time in controlling our minds by thinking, meditating, and affirming the reality we want in life.

Thanks Vic – You nailed it again!

Product Launches
What I learned in this blog post is this: the GURU’s try to make this hard and complicated so they can sell you something to fix the confusion they created!

You broke it down in a clear, simple and believable way. Product Launches don’t have to be overly complicated. Use list segregation to your advantage.

Thanks Vic once again Vic. Your teaching is helping us learn the truth about what works and what does not!