Make $200 Per Day

Make $200 Per Day

is a keyword that I ranked for in Google around 8 years ago and this little baby got me started with my first huge list.

That year I was able to put my online marketing teaching on the map and steadily grew my students up to around 7,000 that year with my first product called Blog TV.

I gave it away for free.


I didn’t want to charge for my trainings, because I didn’t need the money. I had just retired myself in 2006 under the age of 40, might I add.

Now this was a pretty dang great feat to me. Why?

Well, I just spent the last 8 years of my life going through hell trying to figure out this crazy internet world and all I really wanted to do was make $200 per day.

Did you see that? lol

Back in the day, you rookies would have had no idea what I was doing, right? ..but now everybody and their brother is an Online Expert at Marketing and everybody is acting like they have the keys to the

Well, it’s not your fault.

It was some bozo’s fault that put out another get rich quick course a few years back trying to show you cats, get ready.. how to make $200 per

This is actually fun isn’t it, especially when I can talk to you and still talk to Google in front of their face and they have no idea what I am

I actually think it’s all a crock. I mean who are they to tell me, Vic Hutchinson how to sell online? Who made them the experts of online marketing and how to make money and surely they have no clue when it comes to a converting website do they?

Do they? Nod your head. Nope!

They are freaking stupid as the day is long when it comes to that. There is no way you are going to get someone to come to this website that I am writing purely for their sake so I can try and rank for this stupid ridiculous keyword of Make $200 Per day and that time I even had to capitalize it and underline it.

Like a Boss!

Right about now also would be a good time to throw in some more useless crap that they want to see to be able to help this bad boy along a little, so here we go.

Let me put in a jackass video from YouTube and YES, it has to be relevant to the secret word we are talking about.. shhhh


I need a drink, that is if I still did that. lol

Now, let me let you in on something real quick though. I am a bonafide redneck from Macon, Georgia just like good ole Frank Kern, but he got a little too big for his britches and had to skeedaddle on over to La Jolla California, where they don’t really give a crap how long you grow your hair or even if you shave your balls ( lmao ), but the one thing they can’t do over there is YEP, get ready for it show you how to make $200 per day, but I can.

Vic Hutchinson is one bad butt hombre and I figured I needed to tone down the profanity, because that might not get me on the page I need get on, if you know what I mean senoritas.

Check this out though. I have some KILLER, I mean certified, bonafide killer List Building Websites that will build you a list from hades.

You can check those out here at my website–>

Now, if you are a bad boy or bad girl in the marketing world and you got your all your ducks in a row and you ain’t got no problem with knowing how to make $200 per day, then good for you, but if you don’t, then give my website a look see up there.

I may just thrill your britches and make you want to drop your trousers and run around your neighborhood flat out naked as a jay bird hollering Vic Hutchinson is one bad butt online marketer.



Alright, well I am way over the minimum 300 words that I needed for this bad boy, but I do hope you enjoyed it and in all seriousness, I do hope that you get your act together eventually and come let this big boy show you how it’s done online.

I can dang sure show you how to Make $200 Per Day.

Leave a Comment and tell me what you think about this crazy post. Tell me a little about you if you want. I’m heading to the living room and going to curl up around the Fireplace with my wife as we both really don’t have a dang thing to do for the rest of our lives except… ( not gonna put it I may have already over did Love you Guys! Much Success to each of you and I mean that. )

I do know the struggle you all are going through just to try and make $200 per

Vic Hutchinson ( Leave a Comment Please. Thx )

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